Sunday, April 27


Assalamualaikum and haii everyone,,haha
long time to see u guys,, n i've a lot of story to share n i would like  to make an announcement :) inshaAllah

my life is quite busy and tough, no more time to do 'lagha' things
my life full of classes and sometimes work to do
my life goes well with my friends' laugh and cheer
did i left something to tell u?
hmm my weird things that i love most to do

huhu lets be a secret :)

next is, an ANNOUNCEMENT :)

hmm seem im not so good in English so i make this medium to start n keep practising my karat English,,haha
Alhamdulillah everything goes well as planned.
but sometimes I feel not so good to share with u guys in English because not so feel it when ur read it :(
so i make a decision to make some of my writing in Malay words.
hope this will help me to improve in English too as using a Malay sometimes.

thats it :)

lets studying ETHICS :D
may Allah ease our way :)
All the PhyloxDent :D

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